Reusable Food Produce Bags

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Reusable Food Produce Bags
Reusable Food Produce Bags
Reusable Food Produce Bags

These reusable produce bags are made of harmless mesh polyester material that is BPA-free and 100% food contact safe to hold and store your fruits and produce. It is a healthier and eco-friendly alternative to plastic produce bags.

Our advantage:
1. Lightweight, translucent and mesh BPA-free polyester that lets your food breath. More dense than usual mesh bags and even the smallest of items cannot escape out. 
2. Eco-friendly, washable, durable, fold-able and reusable for grocery and storage.
3. Anti-tearing and long lasting, easy to carry for shopping, picnic, BBQ, camping and more. 

Material: Polyester
Color: White 

L: 8 in x 12 in
M:14 in x 12 in
S:17 in x 12 in

Washing Instructions:
1. Wash by hand in warm soapy water OR

2. Put all bags in the medium-sized bag, draw the bags closed and tuck the beads and string inside to avoid the beads tangling up.

Lay flat to dry 

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